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About the Book

What Is The War On Destiny?

This is the first book in a fresh, new young adult series about a 16-year-old girl from the tourist town of Lake George, NY – who is tabbed as the daughter of a c-list god and plunged into a perilous alternate universe of brave warriors, hideous creatures and inexplicably rude maidservants.

Is This A Fantasy Book?

In many ways, yes – it has many of the archetypal elements of a fantasy novel, such as an epic quest, fantastic creatures and settings, battles and romance. But it’s also funny and character-driven…blending in quirky humor and a contemporary bite.

Who’s It Written For?

The War On Destiny is classified as a young adult book (8th grade and up), but it appeals to a very wide spectrum of readers…people who like humor, snappy dialog, offbeat characters, action/adventure and/or philosophical discussions about the role of fate, faith and higher powers. Oh, and people who like the letter “a” (it’s in there a lot, but not gratuitously so).

What’s It Like?

It’s not exactly like anything, but it shares the same quirky spirit as such genre-blending fare as The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe and Buffy The Vampire Slayer – or some of the works of Terry Pratchett, Charlaine Harris and Rick Riordan.

Who Are The Main Characters?

There’s Jenny Martinson, our reluctant hero, a sardonic sophomore from Lake George High School. She has two best friends – geeky, gawky Steven and slick, confident Kevin – and a judgmental mother, college professor Teresa Martinson. And there are the denizens of an alternate universe including the noble Gallien and his teen apprentice Torin, defending their kingdom against the scheming Shon and evil General Zu from the Gar Republic. Not to mention pan-dimensional beings, clueless guidance counselors, beefy running backs and supreme beings.

This Is The First In A Three Part Series. What Are The Next Two About?

That would be telling.

How Can I Buy It?

You can buy a copy online at the author’s e-site or at amazon.com. If you need an alternate purchase method, please send a request via email.